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Tireboss TPC International

Les Hinz - Vice President
Ray Dykstra - Sales Manager
Dwight Grigsby - Sales
Matt Hinz - Sales
Imtiaz Khan - Florida Sales Rep

TIREBOSS™ Tire Pressure Control systems allow drivers to safely reduce and increase tire pressures to

match the operating conditions through simple computerized controller. The reduced pressure

provides amazing off‐road efficiencies for the operations. They are proven to be extremely beneficial

anywhere trucks are off‐road. It is a cost‐effective alternative to all‐wheel drive and provides; improved

mobility and traction, better site access with reduced damage, better service for your customers,

extended tire life, smoother ride and less vibration reducing vehicle maintenance costs. The TIREBOSS ™ Tire Pressure Control system is a computerized device, operated from the cab, allowing the driver to adjust tire pressures while the vehicle is in motion. Each system can be programmed to suit your vehicle configuration and specific haul cycle requirements. All systems come with standard, built‐in safety systems and continuous tire pressure monitoring. With thousands of systems operating worldwide TIREBOSS™ has proven to be dependable and an integral part of their operations. Designed, manufactured and distributed by TPC International for over 25 years has solidified TIREBOSS™ as number one in Tire Pressure Control worldwide.

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