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AirDown, Inc.

Robert Tomlinson - Co-Owner
Ryan Hawthorne - Sales Representative
Scott McCauley - Co-Owner

AirDown, Inc.  is the ONLY Made in America Tire Inflation System with  (2) United States Government Patents;  for utility and for service.  All of our sales, customer service, technical support and replacement parts are sold entirely from the US.  Our systems includes a user friendly 7 inch display that can be programmed for each individual needs and are easliy read without taking your eyes off the Road.  With just a push of a button from the cab of the truck, our system will allow the driver to ride through any type of terrian with ease.  Our 360 degree camera system allows the driver to monitor all sides of the vehicle for safety and records for insurance purposes.  Our double piston wheel end valves have an additional safety feature that will keep any of your tires from going flat and they are rebuildable which saves you money.  They continuously monitor your tire pressure so that it offers a smoother ride and extend the life of your tires.  Companies that utilize our system includes, Concrete, Power, Farms, Construction, Building Supplies and Sewage Recovery Trucks.  

Scott McCauley, Co-Owner: 321-960-6430
Robert Tomlinson, Co-Owner: 321-299-4923

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